Readers' Favorite Non-Consumer Websites and Blogs

by Katy on July 11, 2008 · 0 comments

Two days ago, I listed just a few fave websites and blogs that support the ideals of The Non-Consumer Advocate. 

I asked readers to share some of their favorite sites, and here’s what you’ve told me so far:


is the travel blog of 2 marine biologists who are sailing to Hawaii (on a raft made of 15,000 plastic bottles and part of a Cesna plane) to bring attention to the fact that there is no “away” to throw things to. Go non-consumers!!!

Kathryn B.: Hey, I just found your blog from SLN too. I’ve got a ton of favorite non-consumer websites – can’t list them all – but here’s one that’s a fun read:

Marketplace: Consumed

Jo:  Well, yours of course! Just found you via Simple Living Network, and enjoying catching up. My faves are Going Green. (Thank you, Jo!)

a suburban mom who decided to take one step a day to go greener for a year, and now has started a similar programme for her entire bloggy audience, and 

A family of four adults who produce 3 tons of food each year from their 1/5 acre plot in downtown Pasadena, California, and also keep goats and chickens and are otherwise incredibly self-sufficient. Their garden photo gallery is immensely inspiring, and always motivates me to go fit one more plant into my own very small plot.


I have been a member (free) of freecycle for sometime now and I love it.  I was able to donate and get a lot of very good items for free.  For example a computer desk with hutch and an indoor hothouse for plants.

Here is the url address if you’re interested.  They are very active in Montreal but I think
they are good in the States too.  Go the this adress and click on other countries at the top.
You can only give and take, not sell or lease which makes this great and they go by first reply gets the good.


Thank you to everyone who let me, (and now all my readers!) know about some great websites.


Is there something we’ve left out?


Let me know in the comments section below.


Katy Wolk-Stanley


“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”

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