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by Katy on June 2, 2011 · 0 comments

Congratulations to Tonya, whose comment was randomly chosen to win my Goodwill copy of Dave Wann’s Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle. In all, there were 91 entries, all of which were fantastic and worthy of mention. Luckily, I use a random number generator to choose a winner, otherwise my task would be undoable.

Thank you to everyone who took time to share their thoughts and ideas. Without you guys, this blog would be nothing. Click HERE to read all of the comments, which were truly inspiring.

Katy Wolk-Stanley

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”


“The kids and I walked to the ice cream shop yesterday to meet friends, and then walked back home, with a pit stop at our local library. We got exercise, entertainment, and reading materials for the week, and it didn’t cost a lot! I think we’re going to more ‘walking our errands and outings’ this summer.”


“I don’t use paper towels or disposable “Swiffer”s to clean anymore. I bought a reusable microfiber mop head and use old cut up t shirts for all other cleaning.”

Carolyn S:

“I’ve started buying in bulk– spices, beans, granola, etc. I can bring in my own container, have it weighed, and not use unnecessary packaging– plus it’s usually cheaper!”


“I try to always ask where the goods I buy come from – I always ask myself if a bargain I could make (like a shirt for 5€) would have a price for another person (like having to work under inhumane conditions). Sustainability includes everyone, not just my own benefits.”


“I’ve been working really hard to declutter our house. In the last month, we’ve donated or sold many, many bags and boxes of STUFF. I’m finally starting to feel like we’re making a difference and making positive changes that will help lead us to a simpler, more organized and happier life.”

Mary Kate:

“I hang laundry wet, outside when it is warm enough, inside when it is cold (which add mositure to the dry house during heating season).”


“We got chickens, day old chicks actually but they’ve grown to a nice flock of laying hens now. The freshed most flavorful eggs ever, lots of manure for the garden, free entertainment, plus they eat lots of table scraps which reduces waste and the bags from their grain are a sturdy woven plastic stuff that is great for making bags and things. Yesterday I cut 3 of the bags into strips and wove a new seat and back for a curb-rescued metal frame chair. Funny how thrifty/self-reliant projects tend to lead to more thrifty/self-reliant projects.”


“I’m living lightly (free basement, no car) so I can go back to school and start doing something I love. 10 years as IT/helpdesk/tech support has not been good to me and it was time for a change. By accepting the kindness of family I can cut my living expenses even lower than they already were and should be able to make it through 3 years of classes to come out the other side with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.”

Heather M:

“Probably the most life-changing thing I’ve done is to start reading your blog and other personal finance blogs. By taking part in a community of like-minded thinkers, I got a level of emotional support and validation that I couldn’t find in my day-to-day world.”

Ben Cote:

“I started the 1-A-Week Project where I’m getting rid of at least one thing per week that I do not need/use/want anymore and encouraging others to do so as well.

I give it to someone who needs it, donate it, or sell it on ebay/craigslist.

its a nice simple program that allows me to do something each week to reduce clutter for the things that are most important in my life.”

Amy in Tacoma:

“I try to find things second-hand before I buy them new. I recently moved from the home of relatives to a new apartment, and furnished my entire home that way.”

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